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Welcome! This website was created on 31 May 2003 and last updated on 21 Jan 2023.

There are 3585 names in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the birth of Pieter Huijbertsz in 1533. The most recent event is the death of Bernardus Johannes ten Koppel in 2021.The webmaster of this site is Leon Ten Koppel. Please click here if you have any comments or feedback.

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About Familie-archief Ten Koppel
The central place for information at the familie-archive is www.tenkoppel.org, or familietenkoppel.wordpress.com.
The story begins at "Het Koppel", a piece of common pasture normally owned by the Church.  Farmers who do not own land, could find there employability and housing. Het Koppel was in the  current Avest at the Spilmansdijk, a neighborliness between Eibergen and Beltrum. The  inhabitants were often called "Koppelman", a name that still by many family is supported. In  1584 Het Koppel was already mentioned in a list of lease Board of M√ľnster. In 1650 again, but  the data from that period are scarce. A big quest has to be done.

At the end of the 17th century (1666) and in the early 18th century, around 1720, the the first "Koppels" recorded by the church. "Te Koppele" is the name to be written. But the Koppels who  do not have enough heritage (the heritage was not of a rubber band) must find a place somewhere  else. 
 Avest 13 in 1813 was 1/4 part of Gerrit Koppelman (1756), and was called "Groeskamp" and leased  to the family Groeskamp. The rest was from the church of Reverend Abbink. There attended the  Koppels and it was called "Het Koppel". Son Berend Willem (1781) and wife and Aaltjen Geesink  took over the heritage. Het Koppel fell under region Nahuis that was owned by the Church.

The adjacent Menkhorst heritage is also closely involved with our family history. Sons went  there as a servant, married there and daughters could also go there for work. This lasted until 1883. The family sold Groeskamp and bought a stone's throw from there  heritage Tietink from a German lord. There, on the Molenweg at Eibergen, expanded the family Te  Koppele further.

Many Koppels are not found because the names were not consistently supported. For example, they  went to live in Vragender at Abbink heritage (especially servants were often living by those in  charge), as Jan te Koppele (ca 1725) and his wife Berendina Dieperink, then the name Abbink  soon was made. He went on to book as "Jan Coppelmans op Abbink" and "Bene Klein Abbink". This  branch called Abbink may have lived since the early 17th century on Abbink. In 1940 the last  Koppel of that heritage dies.

They also went to the city, Groenlo. Probably in 1748 when Jan te Koppele (1723) in Avest  married Teunisken Laarberg and could find no place on Het Koppel. They called themselves the  family Koppelman. 
 Some family members bought a different heritage or that inherited from parents. Heritage  Droebert may be an example and also Abbink just mentioned.

But the Koppels who own a piece of  land could often get their names retained. However, it  remained heritage and keep the original name was named after its previous owner. Heritage  Droebert at Eefsel
 is an example. In 1830 is owned by the brother of Berend Willem te Koppele (1781) from Avest,  Garrit Jan te Koppele (1784) and his wife Jenneken Voshaar. They get daughters and the family  Grootsevert, where Janna (1820) married with, inherited the estate. A sister of Jenneken, Anna  Maria, is married to a Tietink. Gerrit, brother of Garrit Jan had at that time Groeskamp  property (see few paragraphs above).

The first half of the 19th century was not easy. The Achterhoek was mentioned by several  economic and natural disasters plagued. Many people migrated abroad, particularly to the U.S.,  including some of our family members.
 Like the Koppels from Abbink and Droebert in the first half of the 17th century, one of the Koppelman members went from Avest to Lievelde (Lichtenvoorde) and became the owner of Het  Meeken or Meekes. There started the familiy Ten Koppel, also ancestors of the Tenkoppel family  in Canada and the Tekoppel family in the USA.

Although there is no connection on paper between the preceding family branches, still there is evidence that in the family Ten Koppel in Lichtenvoorde two generations passed away on Droebert, between Het Meeken and Avest, a heritage that is also owned by the Te Koppele family from Avest.
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